Product Details

Controllers: ORTON EXPRESS



Programmable - 9 firings with 8 segments each
Full On or Off - heat or cool the kiln as fast as possible
Indefinite Hold Periods - hold the kiln temperature indefinitely
Program Skip - allows the operator to skip the current step
Program Temperature Edit - allows current temperature change without interrupting kiln firing
Program Hold Time Edit - allows soak/hold time to be changed without interrupting kiln firing
Program Review - check entire firing prior to start
Thermocouple Offset - allows for adjustment to temperature readout
Temperature Units - centigrade or Fahrenheit
Threshold Alarm - audible alarm at set temperature
Thermocouple Alarm - notifies operator of thermocouple fault
Power Fail Recovery - kiln will restart after short power interruptions
Safety Temperature Limit - programmable top temperature limit
Computer Interface - Data Logging software available